Come Follow Me for Families | Teaching Ideas | Come Follow Me FHE

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Come Follow Me for Families | Teaching Ideas | Come Follow Me FHE

Come Follow Me for Families | Teaching Ideas | Come Follow Me FHE

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As families strive to strengthen their faith and build connections with each other, the Come Follow Me curriculum provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has become a valuable resource. This program aims to help individuals and families grow closer to Jesus Christ through regular scripture study and discussion. Here are some teaching ideas for Come Follow Me FHE (Family Home Evening) that can help enhance your family’s learning experience.

1. Utilize different teaching tools: One way to engage family members of all ages is to use a variety of teaching tools during your Come Follow Me FHE. Consider using visual aids like pictures, objects, or videos to help illustrate the principles being discussed. You could also incorporate music, art, or role-playing activities to make the lesson more interactive and memorable.

2. Make it relevant: Try to connect the scripture passages being studied to real-life situations that your family members may be facing. Encourage everyone to share personal experiences or insights that relate to the topic at hand. By making the lesson relevant to their lives, you can help your family members better understand and apply the gospel principles being taught.

3. Involve all family members: Encourage everyone in the family to participate in the discussion and activities during Come Follow Me FHE. Invite each person to share their thoughts, feelings, and questions about the scripture passages being studied. This can help create a sense of unity and shared learning within the family.

4. Set goals and follow through: At the end of each Come Follow Me FHE, take a few minutes to set goals as a family for how you will apply the principles you have discussed. Encourage each family member to make a commitment to taking specific actions throughout the week to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the scriptures. Follow up on these goals at the start of your next Come Follow Me FHE to help reinforce the importance of consistent study and application.

5. Create a welcoming and positive environment: As you gather together for Come Follow Me FHE, strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where family members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. Be patient and supportive as you discuss the scriptures and encourage open communication among all family members.

By incorporating these teaching ideas into your Come Follow Me FHE, you can help strengthen your family’s faith, build connections with each other, and deepen your understanding of the gospel. Remember that the ultimate goal of Come Follow Me is to help families come closer to Jesus Christ and build a strong foundation of faith that will bless them in all aspects of their lives.

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