8 Pokemon Color by Number Coloring Pages for Kids

  • on April 29, 2024
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8 Pokemon Color by Number Coloring Pages for Kids

8 Pokemon Color by Number Coloring Pages for Kids

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Pokemon has been a beloved franchise for decades, captivating the hearts of children and adults alike with its colorful characters and exciting adventures. Now, kids can bring their favorite Pokemon to life with these fun color by number coloring pages.

1. Pikachu: Everyone’s favorite electric mouse, Pikachu is the iconic face of the Pokemon franchise. Kids will love coloring in Pikachu’s bright yellow fur and rosy cheeks.

2. Charmander: This fiery lizard Pokemon is sure to ignite your child’s creativity as they color in Charmander’s flaming tail and orange scales.

3. Bulbasaur: With its bulbous plant on its back, Bulbasaur is a unique and adorable Pokemon to color. Kids can have fun bringing this grass-type Pokemon to life.

4. Squirtle: This water-type Pokemon is a favorite among fans for its cute appearance and water-based attacks. Kids will love coloring in Squirtle’s blue shell and playful expression.

5. Eevee: Eevee is a versatile Pokemon that can evolve into eight different forms. Kids can get creative with their coloring choices as they bring Eevee to life.

6. Jigglypuff: Known for its soothing singing voice, Jigglypuff is a pink balloon-like Pokemon that kids will love coloring in. Its round shape and cute face make it a fun and easy coloring page.

7. Snorlax: This big, sleepy Pokemon is a fan favorite for its lazy demeanor and enormous size. Kids can have fun coloring in Snorlax’s fur and big belly.

8. Mewtwo: As one of the most powerful Pokemon in the franchise, Mewtwo is a force to be reckoned with. Kids can have fun coloring in this psychic-type Pokemon’s sleek blue and purple body.

These Pokemon color by number coloring pages are a great way for kids to practice their number recognition skills while having fun coloring in their favorite characters. Whether they’re a longtime fan of the Pokemon franchise or just discovering it for the first time, kids of all ages will enjoy bringing these iconic creatures to life with their own colorful creations.

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