20 Christmas Around the World Colouring Pages

  • on April 25, 2024
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20 Christmas Around the World Colouring Pages

20 Christmas Around the World Colouring Pages

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Christmas is a joyous time of year celebrated in countries all around the world. From festive decorations to delicious foods and traditions, each country has its own unique way of celebrating the holiday season. To bring a bit of this global Christmas cheer into your home, we have compiled a list of 20 Christmas Around the World Colouring Pages that showcase different holiday customs and icons from various countries.

1. **United States: Santa Claus** – In the US, Santa Claus is a beloved figure who delivers presents to children on Christmas Eve.

2. **Mexico: Pinata** – Mexican families often celebrate Christmas with colourful pinatas filled with treats.

3. **Germany: Christmas Markets** – Germany is famous for its traditional Christmas markets that offer festive treats and handmade gifts.

4. **Italy: La Befana** – In Italy, children receive gifts from La Befana, a kind witch who flies on a broomstick.

5. **France: Père Noël** – French children eagerly await a visit from Père Noël, the French version of Santa Claus.

6. **Sweden: St. Lucia Day** – Swedes celebrate the tradition of St. Lucia Day with candlelit processions and festive treats.

7. **Australia: Beach Christmas** – In Australia, many families celebrate Christmas on the beach with barbecues and outdoor activities.

8. **Russia: Ded Moroz** – Russian children receive gifts from Ded Moroz, a jolly figure similar to Santa Claus.

9. **Japan: KFC Christmas** – In Japan, it is a tradition to eat KFC on Christmas Eve as a special treat.

10. **Spain: Three Kings Day** – Spanish families celebrate Three Kings Day on January 6th with parades and gift-giving.

11. **Brazil: Papai Noel** – In Brazil, Papai Noel delivers presents to children on Christmas Eve.

12. **Netherlands: Sinterklaas** – Dutch children celebrate the arrival of Sinterklaas, a figure similar to Santa Claus.

13. **Ireland: Christmas Pudding** – Irish families enjoy Christmas pudding as a traditional holiday dessert.

14. **Greece: Karavaki** – In Greece, families decorate a boat-shaped ornament called a karavaki as a symbol of good luck for the new year.

15. **Canada: Hockey Santa** – Canadians often associate Santa Claus with hockey, a beloved sport in the country.

16. **South Africa: Braai Christmas** – South Africans celebrate Christmas with a traditional barbecue known as a braai.

17. **India: Christmas Trees** – In India, Christmas trees are decorated with colourful lights and ornaments.

18. **China: Noodles for Longevity** – Chinese families enjoy long noodles on Christmas for good luck and longevity.

19. **Scotland: Hogmanay** – Scots celebrate the New Year with the traditional Hogmanay festival.

20. **Norway: Nisse** – Norwegians believe in the nisse, a mischievous Christmas gnome who helps with holiday preparations.

These Christmas Around the World Colouring Pages offer a glimpse into the diverse traditions and customs that make the holiday season so special. Whether you are looking to learn more about different cultures or simply enjoy some festive colouring fun, these pages are sure to bring a bit of holiday cheer into your home. Merry Christmas and happy colouring!

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